Non-Public Schools

Success Stories

Joshua's Story

Joshua seemed like a pretty bright young man, yet he had struggled academically all through elementary school and by 6th grade he was failing all his classes except physical education. He was acting out behaviorally to the point that he had multiple suspensions within the first 13 weeks of school. He was becoming a very angry and defiant young man and it seemed like he would do what he could to get out of school; even if it meant getting into severe trouble. He did not complete or hand in his assignments, and was at the point of giving up any hope for school success.
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Kara's Story

Kara is a 16 year old girl in the 10th grade. Life has not been very kind to her, despite the fact that she is smart and talented. At fourteen, she became involved in an internet relationship with a man who introduced her to drugs and street life. Her lack of sophistication made her easy prey and her impulsive nature added to the situation.
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Benjamin's Story

Benjamin was a 1st grader when he came to our program. He was very small and had some behaviors that are typical of a much younger student. His language and communication skills were delayed; as was his fine motor coordination. He was sent to our school because of his inability to function in a regular public school classroom and the frequent tantrums and outbursts that he had which impaired the learning of the other students. Academically he was at the pre-school level and just barely knew his alphabet and how to count past 10.
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