Non-Public Schools

Meet the Team

Jennifer Miller

Chief Academic Officer
Jennifer has been with McKinley since 2016. Jennifer holds credentials in General Education, Special Education, and Administration with a Masters in Educational Leadership. She has worked with the at-risk population for over 25 years in residential placement centers, district special education, and county juvenile detention camps. Jennifer received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of La Verne and her Masters of Science at Cal State Fullerton.

John Mann

John graduated from California State University at Fullerton in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology, and earned a Master’s degree in Special Education in 1999 from National University. John started working with at-risk youth in 1989 as a Counselor/Unit Supervisor in a residential facility and began substitute teaching during his days off in 1991. John moved into a permanent high school Special Education class as a teacher in 1993. As a teacher, John made learning fun and engrossing by designing interactive/hands on activities to assist students in learning about difficult concepts. John moved to Canyon View School in 2005 as the Senior Special Education Teacher/Vice Principal and moved into the role of Principal in 2008. John enjoys working with at-risk students and seeing them blossom when given the opportunity and encouragement.

Jeannie Ortiz

Vice Principal

Jorge Leon

School Support Supervisor

Destiny Hellum

Admissions Coordinator

Noemi Ramirez

IEP Coordinator


Monica Hernandez

Administration Coordinator


Kristine Barker  
Jacquelyn Wilson  
Kim Doan  
Eden Ortiz  
Michael Marnien  
Anthony Harbison  
Maureen Held  
Jennifer Maddock  
Christopher Ayala  
Patricia Hocking  
Michelle Irwin  
John Schumm  
Darlene Gaynor  
Melissa Gutholm  
Lina Bedolla  

Instructional Assistants

Katherine Hocking Lorraine Rosas
Maria Rodriguez Kamden Carroll
Christina Morales Coby Nassar
Larry Ortiz Gloria Hernandez 
Chancellor McCobb Mauricio Martinez
Ernest Aranda Delia Noguera
Yolanda Wells Diamond William 
Yolanda Hughes Candiece Hope
Liliana Gil Nancy Duron
Natalie Ruiz Richard Simms 
Rebecca Sangsland Alexander Schwarz 
Matthew Flores Ashley Salcido 
Jasmine Holloway Ramon Gutierrez 
Ashley Rodriguez Gabrielle Aranda
Kanishia Holden Dion Martinez 

 ERMHS/DIS Counselor

Kimberly Collett   
Alana Lopez   
Heidi Schlig   
Katherine Lopez   
Eugene Chien   
Cassandra Quilantang   
Tiffany Hopgood   

 IA-One on One Aides

 Michelle Robles  
 Martha Vargas  
 Morgan McCobb  

Program Support Specialists

Patrick Lord  
Andrew Pennigton  
Felipe Ruiz  
Juan Morales  

Speech Therapists

Barry Sandoval  
Daniela Valle  


Kelli Ceja  
Andrew Hall