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McKinley Launches Benchmark Initiative


McKinley Children’s Center, in collaboration with Dr. Paul Sunseri of Psychological Assessment Systems & Consulting Services, Inc., have launched a comprehensive state-wide benchmarking program for California child welfare organizations.

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one organization’s performance with other similar organizations.  The results can be very helpful to organizations desiring to improve their services and outcomes.  Organizations with good benchmarking results can also use that information as a way to funnel in more donations as well as build invaluable community support. 

While there are other benchmarking programs, they don’t often produce data that is helpful for an organization looking to evaluate and improve their performance.  Some of these existing programs also don’t allow for an “apples to apples” comparison because they don’t collect enough information from reporting organizations to allow for proper segmentation of results.  For example, a residential program participating in benchmarking should be able to compare their results to the results of other residential programs with similar RCLs, license capacity, types of children served (age, gender), referral sources (dependency, probation, volunteer placement), and location (urban, rural, county, etc.).   Unfortunately, existing benchmarking initiatives do not allow for such a comparison.
McKinley has launched the splash page web site for this project.  Interested parties can go to that site and download a white paper on the project as well as sign up for updates.  The project has begun for group home programs and will expand to benchmark other services.   
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